Change and update my account password

Change and update my account password

If you're looking to update or change your Symbaloo account password, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start by clicking on the user profile icon on the right side of your page. 

Step 2: In the drop down menu, click preferences

Step 3: In your account preferences, click on the password tab

Step 4: First, type in your current password followed by your new password. Don't forget to click the "save changes" button to apply your new password! 

Voila! Your new password should be live. 


Symbaloo hosts weekly webinars each Wednesday from 4pm-5pm EST (1pm-2pm PST) to help users get started! 

You can register for a webinar here:

We’ll cover the possibilities of Symbaloo in the classroom along with how-to’s to help you get the best out of Symbaloo! Don't miss out and register today!

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