Differentiating Workspaces: My Symbaloo vs. my PRO Webspace

Differentiating Workspaces: My Symbaloo vs. my PRO Webspace

Finding "My Symbaloo"
On the left side of the page, click on the notebook icon (depicted below) to access your Webmix menu: 

Upon opening your Webmix menu, you will see all the Webmixes in your "My Symbaloo". Clicking on any of these will direct you to the Webmix and allow you to update and make changes.

My Symbaloo: Here are the webmixes within your personal workspace. This is where you will be managing and editing all of your resources. You are only allowed to make changes to your webmixes under this space. You will NOT be able to make changes to any webmixes in your PRO Webspace. 
Tip: look for the SETTINGS, and SHARE buttons at the top of the page above your webmixes to ensure you are in My Symbaloo before attempting to make any changes.

Symbaloo Webspaces (Workspaces):
On the left, you will see your Webspaces (see below)

It will show you the name of your Workspace, URL, and the Webmixes in your workspace. Clicking on one of these will direct you to the Webmix in your PRO Webspace.

You can be certain that you are viewing the Webmix in your workspace because you will not be able to edit the Webmix and will only be able to access the share link for the webmix in your Webspace. Again, you CAN NOT make any changes to your webmixes when in your PRO Webspace. 

Tip: You'll notice you are in your PRO Webspace when the settings and share buttons are missing from the top of the page, the edit button is greyed out, and you see your custom domain in the browser address bar, such as custom.symbaloo.com. 
Think of the PRO Webspace as a sort of "kiosk mode" for your students to simply view and access their resources without being able to tamper with your resources. 

Reminder: to make changes to any webmixes in your PRO Webspace, YOU MUST edit and republish your changes from your My Symbaloo 
To learn how to republish your changes to your workspace, please click HERE.


Symbaloo hosts 45-minute-long Webinars where we show you how to get started with Symbaloo in the classroom along with tutorials to help you get the best out of the tool!

You can register for an upcoming webinar here: https://blog.symbaloo.com/symbaloo-webinars/

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