Enabling/Disabling Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Enabling/Disabling Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft unveils new Edge browser logo that no longer looks like Internet  Explorer - The Verge
Do you keep having to log in to your account each time you visit Symbaloo? Follow the steps below in order to set up automatic login with Microsoft Edge:
Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
Click on the "Settings and More" (The three dots in the upper right-hand corner) And select "Settings".
Scroll down the settings list and click on the "Cookies and Site Permissions" button.
Under Cookies and data stored, select the "Manage and Delete Cookies and Site Data" option.
Make sure that the "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" is ON
edge://settings/content/cookies (you can copy and paste this link in your Edge browser)
Lastly, just make sure that Symbaloo's Website is NOT added to this list: 
You've prevented the following sites from saving and reading cookies on your device.

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