How do I lock a Webmix? (PRO Users ONLY)

How do I lock a Webmix? (PRO Users ONLY)

A Webmix is locked (padlock symbol) when you add a publicly shared Webmix to your Symbaloo and receive the updates from the original creator.
By clicking "Stop updates and enable editing" in the Share menu, you can "Unlock" the Webmix and then edit and/or share it yourself. Note: You will no longer receive the updates.

You are not able to lock your Webmixes with the free version. With a Symbaloo PRO account, you can set various restrictions and privileges for your Webmixes, such as Enable the IP Blocking where y      ou can either allow a certain IP range to access this Webspace, or block a certain IP range from viewing this Webspace.

Have a look at how the control panel for branded solutions works: 

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