How to Manage PRO Users

How to Manage PRO Users

In the user section of your PRO account, you can see every person who is signed up for an account under your domain. In there you can check the Webmixes your users created, see if they are verified, and find information about when they've joined. 

Adding Users

You can have people create accounts under your domain, making them users of your account. To do this, they will go to your custom domain, click "Create a free account," and they will be automatically added as users.

If someone already has a Symbaloo account and wants to be added as a user under a PRO account, The PRO account's Owner or Admin will need to email us at with their email and the custom domain URL to be added as a user under the PRO account.

Do the users on my account have Admin rights?

No, there is only one Owner for each PRO account. Users under your account have no access to your dashboard, but the PRO account's owner can add as many Admins to help out with ONLY the Webspace Dashboard's duties. 

Please watch this video tutorial for more information about your Dashboard: