How to Pay for my PRO Account

How to Pay for my PRO Account

I just created a PRO account; now what?

When you create a PRO account, you have a 30-day free trial period before you are sent a payment request. If you'd like to pay immediately, please email letting us know that you would like to do so, and provide us with your account email address and PRO domain (i.e. We'll send an invoice to the provided email address as soon as possible. If you do not know your Symbaloo PRO domain, you must still provide the email address connected to your PRO account. 

I received a payment request, but how do I pay for my PRO account?

Please sign in to your Symbaloo account, and navigate to your Webspace settings by clicking your Webspace icon in the left-hand side navigation bar. Then, click on the "Manage Subscriptions" tab in the bottom left options list. You'll be taken to the invoices page, where you can then pay for any listed open invoices.

You will need to click on "View Past Invoices"

If you do not see an open invoice and you are looking to pay for an upgrade, you can navigate to the "Upgrade Symbaloo PRO" tab on the left-hand side to add a package upgrade. 

Once you click "Extend Subscription" or "Pay invoice," depending on the page you're on; the payment process will look something as simple as this:

Billing and contact information page.

Once you click "Continue to payment," you'll see the card information screen. Once you've filled in your credit card details, simply click the green Pay button at the bottom to process your payment. 

And that's it! Here is some additional information:

Payment options:

As you've seen above, you can pay for your subscription online with a credit card to immediately extend your subscription. However, you can also generate an invoice to pay with a PO and check - the invoice request option is only
 available for School & District accounts

If you requested an invoice and are paying with a PO and check, please email a copy of the Purchase Order to along with your account email address and PRO workspace domain for us to extend your account. Meanwhile, we are waiting on payment.

If you need access to our W-9 information, please click HERE

What subscription plans does Symbaloo offer?

For more details on plans and pricing, please click HERE


Symbaloo hosts 45-minute-long webinars where we show you how to get started with Symbaloo in the classroom and tutorials to help you get the best out of the tool!

You can register for an upcoming webinar here:

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