How to update your Webmix (Re-Sharing and Re-Publishing) Changes

How to update your Webmix (Re-Sharing and Re-Publishing) Changes

If you are having issues with your Webmixes not updating, not appearing correctly, or appearing different for different people, you must Re-Share (Symbaloo free users) and Re-Publish your Webmix (Symbaloo PRO users)

First please pay attention to the following

The Checkmark right next to the "Publish" Button will mean that everything is up to date in your Webmix and therefore whoever is following it will have your latest updates from it. 

All PRO Users Should also make sure that the Checkmark is showing next to the "Share" Button it will mean that everything is up to date in your Webspace and therefore whoever visits it, will have your latest updates in it. 

The Arrows forming a circle right next to the "Share and Publish" Buttons, will mean that there are pending updates that need to be Re-Share and Re-Publish. You will notice that both buttons will turn blue with the arrows forming a circle.

Option 1: To Share any updates from your Webmix, Click on the "Share" button, and that should be it, you should be able to see a notification on the left bottom left-hand corner of your screen stating:

"Success! Your Webmix is open for sharing. Share your private link with others! The blue color will disappear automatically and the arrows will become a checkmark

Option 2: (PRO-User only) Click on the "Publish" button which is next to the "Share" button. You will need to hit the "Arrows" forming a circle and you will receive a notification at the button left-hand corner of your screen, stating:
"Your Webmix has been Published" The blue color will disappear automatically and the arrows will become a checkmark

VoilĂ , your Webmix has now been Re-Shared or Re-Published! Any changes you have made will now be broadcasted to any users with your Webmix shared link!

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