How to update Webmixes in a Symbaloo PRO Webspace

How to update Webmixes in a Symbaloo PRO Webspace

If your Webmix appears updated for yourself within your "My Symbaloo" main page but not on your PRO Webspace ( i.e. your custom domain -, you must republish your Webmix to your Webspace to push out any changes you've made and wish to share.

Start by clicking on the Webmix you would like to republish (in this example, we will choose the "Home" Webmix)

Next, click the publish button towards the top center of the page above your Webmix

Finally, click the small republish button shown in the yellow box below. The button right next to it also helps you to unpublish that specific Webmix from your PRO Webspace if and when needed. Only the Webmixes published to your PRO Webspace will be visible to those that access your custom domain. Otherwise, everything will be visible to you within your "My Symbaloo" main page and is private and only viewable by you. 

Voilà! Your Webmix has now been republished to your workspace. Remember to head back to your "My Symbaloo" main page if you need to make further changes and repeat the steps in this article. 

Good Luck!


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