Unable to register for Symbaloo

Unable to register for Symbaloo

If you are unable to create a Symbaloo account, there may be several reasons why. Please try the following below:

- Try using a different email address.

- Make sure your passwords are identical. 

- Make sure to agree and check the Symbaloo terms box. 

- Make sure all required information is filled out. 

For PRO accounts:

- Make sure your custom URL isn't taken (the page will automatically let you know whether or not the custom domain is available) 

If you are still unable to register for an account, please submit a support ticket HERE


Symbaloo hosts weekly webinars each Wednesday from 4pm-5pm EST (1pm-2pm PST) to help users get started! 

You can register for a webinar here: https://blog.symbaloo.com/symbaloo-webinars/

We’ll cover the possibilities of Symbaloo in the classroom along with how-to’s to help you get the best out of Symbaloo! Don't miss out and register today!

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