Linking a Webmix to a Tile - PRO Webspaces

Linking a Webmix to a Tile - PRO Webspaces

Linking a Webmix to a Tile

If you are having trouble linking Webmixes to a Tile, see the error message “permission denied” in the address bar URL, or have problems with your Tiles linking to different Symbaloo pages with Webmixes that are not yours, please follow the steps below to re-link or create a new Webmix Tile:

Say that you would like a Tile of your “Education Webmix” to be linked to your “Home Webmix.”

Step #1. For this example, I will need to Publish the "Education Webmix" (In your case, the Webmix you are going to link via a Tile) from "My Symbaloo" (That is your main Symbaloo Page) to your PRO Webspace to access the link needed to paste into our Tile. 

Please click here to learn How to publish a Webmix to a Webspace.

Step #2. From your Symbaloo main page, open up your PRO Webspace by clicking its icon on the sidebar button to the left of your Webmix tabs, and also click on the Webmix that we would like to create a Tile for; for this example is still the "Education Webmix"

If there are no Webmixes under the PRO Webspace in your account, you haven't shared any Webmixes and must complete Step #1 before moving forward.

3. You’ll notice you’re on your PRO Webspace when you see the PRO URL in the address bar (ex:, now, click on the Webmix tab for the Webmix you'll be creating a Tile for and copy the URL from the address bar (see below):
NOTE: Copying a URL from the address bar will only work for the users with Webspaces, it will not work the same for the regular "Share" option. 

Step #4 Now from your Webspace (first image below) head back to your "My Symbaloo" (second image below) only you click the "My Symbaloo" space and click on an empty Tile to create a new Tile in the “Home Webmix”. (You will notice that you are in your My Symbaloo because it will show Symbaloo's logo

Step #5 Paste the link you have copied from Step #3 for this Example the link was (

Step #6 Once you've pasted and clicked the "Add Tile Button, you will have your new Tile with the "Education Webmix"  you will need to republish your Webmix to update the changes
(If you want your followers to also see this change)

And that’s it. The tile should now redirect to the correct Webmix! Please refresh your browser for your PRO Webspace to reflect the changes. You can also test the changes via an incognito or private browser by typing your PRO URL in the address bar (Ex: 

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