My Share icon is greyed out

My Share icon is greyed out

      For free users, if your Share icon is greyed out or not allowing you to click it, this is because you have not verified your email address. Try verifying your email address by going to your account settings. 

For premium users, check out this tutorial on how to share your Webmixes.

Important Note
If you do not receive the verification email, make sure to add the domain to your safe sender's list. This frequently happens with private email domains, such as Private Schools
and Government domains, among many other domains.

Just remember the following tips:

Check your Spam folder for the missing email. If you find it, move it to your Inbox.
Marking an email as Spam or Not Spam trains your SpamGuard to filter spam messages you define.
Good to know: Filters take priority over SpamGuard.

Check your blocked address list to determine if the sender's address is on it. If it is, remove it from the blocked list.

Check your filters to determine if an erroneous filter sends the message to another folder.

If this is enabled, all of your incoming emails could be sent to another email address, and nothing could be saved in your Inbox.
Check your Mail Forwarding settings to make sure it is not enabled.

Please feel free to reach out if you need extra help; we would be happy to assist you.
Email us at, or feel free to submit a ticket.

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