Symbaloo vs. Symbaloo PRO

Symbaloo vs. Symbaloo PRO

Symbaloo offers two free options: a regular personal account and a Symbaloo PRO (ad-supported) workspace.

A regular personal account allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of webmixes and tiles. With the regular version, you'll be able to share webmixes individually via a preview page that is only able to display webmixes at their standard size of 10x6. With this account, you only have access to webmixes and Learning Paths, and do not have a set domain to share multiple webmixes.

Symbaloo PRO is a better option for sharing and provides additional features, such as your own set workspace domain (i.e., the ability to share multiple webmixes via your single set domain, and more.

As noted above, we do offer a FREE PRO workspace via a quick upgrade from your regular account. Simply navigate to your user icon at the top right of your page in your regular Symbaloo account and click on "Open a new PRO workspace". Follow the procedure and you'll have a handful of new features to take your resource management and sharing to the next level! 

You can find more information on Symbaloo PRO by visiting our website HERE.


Symbaloo hosts weekly webinars each Wednesday from 4pm-5pm EST (1pm-2pm PST) to help users get started! 

You can register for a webinar here:

We’ll cover the possibilities of Symbaloo in the classroom along with how-to’s to help you get the best out of Symbaloo! Don't miss out and register today!

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