Tiles not working?

Tiles not working?

Try these steps to solve your problem:

- Try Symbaloo in a different browser or computer (If the platform works on another computer or browser please let us know)
- Update the browser to the latest version
- Do a hard refresh on your browser (Mac: Command+Shift+R; PC: Control+F5)
- Enable JavaScript
- Clear cookies and cache
- Remove the pop-up blocker
- Try disabling plug-ins while using Symbaloo to see if any of them have affected the way Symbaloo functions (sometimes certain plug-ins conflict with the way Symbaloo operates)

Please note that all the weblinks shared above were found online and are to be used as a reference and do not belong to Symbaloo, in case you do not feel confident following them, please seek assistance with your local computer technician. 

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