What are Pageviews and how are they counted?

What are Pageviews and how are they counted?


How Many Pageviews do I need for my Class, Library, School or District?


Symbaloo PRO Webspaces accumulate Pageviews when a visitor lands on your Webspace or loads an associated Webmix within your Webspace.

Each Symbaloo PRO Plan includes a monthly allotment of Pageviews that will reset on the same day. If a Webspace exceeds its monthly limit, it will show advertising until the reset date (or until the plan is upgraded to a higher tier). Webspaces will never be disabled if Pageviews are exceeded.

The Pageview Limit for each plan is shown in the table below:

PRO Classroom

PRO Library

PRO School

PRO District

PRO Custom

Pageviews per Month






Pageviews are updated daily and can be viewed in the Administrator Dashboard of any Webspace.


Early Warning 

An early warning notification is sent when a Webspace has accumulated 80% of the monthly usage limit. 

Final Warning

When a Webspace reaches the monthly limit, a final warning will indicate that advertising will be enabled imminently.

Advertising Enabled

Once a Webspace exceeds the plan limit, advertising will be enabled, and the Webspace Administrator will be notified. Notification will include # of days until Pageviews reset, and we may also recommend higher tier plans to accommodate usage properly.

You can access your information like this: