What are the differences between the Symbaloo PRO subscriptions?

What are the differences between the Symbaloo PRO subscriptions?

Symbaloo PRO Sponsored - Free for all educators and supported by advertisements from sponsors. Users are automatically assigned their Webspace domain.

Symbaloo PRO for Teachers ($49/yr) - Ad-free, includes a custom Webspace domain and unlocks the group's feature for easy user management and organization. ‚Äčread more

Symbaloo PRO for Schools (starts at $499/yr) - Includes (1) school Webspace and (12) teacher Webspaces. Unlock security features and the ability to integrate with your SIS through OneRoster. read more

Symbaloo PRO for Districts (starts at $1799/yr) - Includes (1) district Webspace, (4) school Webspaces, and (48) teacher Webspaces. The perfect solution to bring your entire district together. read more

For a more detailed and visual overview, please check our available plans


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