What is a Tile?

What is a Tile?

A Tile is what we call each individual square on a Symbaloo Webmix. Each Tile can be edited and linked to a website's URL, RSS feed, Widget, Webmix, or Embedded content.

To learn more about Tiles, please watch the videos below: 

Please feel free to reach out if you need extra help; we would be happy to assist you.
Email us at feedbackus@symbaloo.com, or feel free to submit a ticket.

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      Right click on the Tile you would like to edit and right click on it, the following options will appear: Click "edit" and the edit tile menu will appear Here you can change the URL of a tile, change the name, color, and so much more! Go explore what ...
    • How to Resize a Tile

      How to Resize a Tile? Start by right-clicking on the Tile that you would like to resize, and then select Edit. Then select the Size tab, the system will recognize if you have enough space on either direction Width and Height, the example below shows ...
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      You entered a valid URL, and the Tile creator says Address not found? No worries, sometimes Symbaloo does not recognize the URL, but you can still create the Tile (even if it says Address not found), and as long as the URL is correct and accessible, ...
    • How can I edit a Tile?

      To edit and access the Tile editing screen, you have two options: Right-click on the Tile and choose "Edit," or drag and drop the Tile over the Settings button above your Webmix in the center Note: If you right-click on a Tile and the Symbaloo ...
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      You can do this in many ways. If you wish to share just the link of the Tile, right-click the tile and share it on either Twitter or Facebook. You could also share a specific Tile by placing it on a Webmix and sharing it through our system. To learn ...