How to Pay for my PRO Account

            I juust created a PRO account, now what?

            When you create a PRO account, you have a 30-day free trial period before you are sent a payment request. If you'd like to pay sooner, please email with your domain URL and an invoice will be sent to your account.

            I received a payment request, but how do I pay for my PRO account?

            Please sign into your PRO account, and navigate to your workspace settings at the top right of your page. Then, click on the invoices tab in your workspace settings. From there, you're able to pay for your subscription either online with a credit card or you can generate an invoice to pay with a check (only for schools & Districts). 

            Please see your invoice for details when paying with a check. To extend your subscription immediately, please email a copy of the Purchase Order to along with your PRO workspace domain and email.

             If you need access to our W-9 information, please click HERE

            Please see below for invoice page details: 

            How to pay and generate an invoice:

            What Packages does Symbaloo offer?

            For details, please click HERE


            Symbaloo hosts 45 minute long webinars where we show you how to get started with Symbaloo in the classroom along with tutorials to help you get the best out of the tool!

            You can register for an upcoming webinar here:

            Updated: 29 Oct 2019 01:03 AM
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