Learn Symbaloo Terminology

            Tile - tiles are the basis of Symbaloo. Use them to save online resources like websites, videos, web docs, and more.

            Webmix - a compilation of tiles is known as a webmix. You can have an unlimited number of webmixes on your account and can organize them in any way you choose.

            Groups - Subsets of users within your workspace. Place your users into groups to show targeted content to different classes, subjects, grade levels and more!

            Learning Paths - The Symbaloo Learning Paths tool allows you to create a gameboard-style webmix with a confined pathway of tiles that a user must follow. Creators of a Learning Path can embed educational resources, articles, videos, quiz questions, and more. Built-in analytics provide automatic grading capabilities and the chance to see how much time each student spent learning!

            Workspace - Every account includes your private, ‘My Symbaloo’ workspace. All Symbaloo PRO accounts include a public workspace where your webmixes can be published on your own custom domain (custom.symbaloo.com).
            Updated: 11 Jun 2018 06:47 AM
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