How to change the center box in embedded webmixes

How to change the center box in embedded webmixes

Step 1: start by sharing your webmix (if you've done this, skip to step 4)

Step 2: you will be prompted with the "webmix share options" menu. Please click on the "share this webmix button"

Step 3: choose to share your webmix either publicly or privately, then click the "share my webmix" button.

Step 4: In the "share webmix" menu, click "embed code"

Step 5: You will then see the embed code for your webmix.

Step 6: Click the "use widget" button and you will then see a scrollable menu of widgets

Step 7: Choose your preferred widget and then re-publish your webmix to save your changes on your website.

To learn how to re-publish your webmix, please click here
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